We are still open for now (4/2/20) 

Covid-19 Protocols:  

No more than 2 people in the laundromat at a time.

   Wait outside for someone to  come out if you need to. 

• Sanitizer is provided in the laundromat. Please follow the protocols there. 

   If the sanitizer is taken, we will have to close the laundromat. 

• Use cards rather than cash (if at all possible). 

• Please hand wash your laundry at home if you are sick.

Take Care of Each Other. Shine on! 

1. Drop Off in Big Blue Bin 

2. Pick-Up in 24hr Cubby Room

3. Folded Laundry



Shine Laundry 24-Hour W/D/F Service

31 Montague  Rd North Amherst, MA 

Text/Call: 413-800-4468

Shine Laundry Self-Service Laundromat

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