We use the greatest care in processing articles entrusted to us. Nevertheless, we cannot assume responsibility for weaknesses of or defects in materials that are not readily apparent prior to processing. It is your responsibility to make sure that everything you put in your laundry bag can be washed.


Unless you request otherwise, we will wash whites in warm water and colored clothing in cold using plant-based detergent. In laundering we are not responsible for any individual item(s) as wash and fold is processed by weight and not by garment count, as such items are not inspected, therefore we will not be responsible for any claims, including shrinkage, discoloring, runs, rips, tears, or any other damage. This also includes any item claimed loss or missing.


Please pick up your laundry within 3 days or it may be donated to charity.




The customer warrants that they will not give Shine Laundry any items contaminated with solvents, chemicals, or cleaning products. The customer is responsible for any and all damage these cause to the clothing of any customer, the cleaning machines, or any other property of Shine Laundry or its customers. Shine Laundry will not clean items that contain solid animal or human feces.


Damaged Items


In the event that a wash & fold clothing item is damaged by Shine Laundry, we will issue you a refund or credit for the value of that item, as specified in the International Fair Claims Guide from the International Fabricare Institute ("IFI") or as otherwise stated in these Terms of Use. The Fair Claims Guide takes into account the average life of the garment, depreciation for the age of the item, and the current replacement cost. If the customer is unable to document the age of a garment, the customer can attest to the age but Shine Laundry, in its sole discretion, may limit the minimum age of any garment to one year. If no current replacement cost is available (e.g., because the item is no longer available in stores), Shine Laundry may use the replacement cost of a comparable item currently available. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the maximum reimbursement for each individual item is thirty dollars ($30.00) not to exceed the lesser of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per order or twenty five dollars ($25.00) for every ten (10) pounds of wash & fold laundry washed and is subject to standard depreciation schedules as spelled out in the Fair Claim Guide from the International Fabricare Institute ("IFI"). The limit to this policy is two hundred dollars ($200.00) per customer per year.


We are not liable for any preexisting damage to garments or other laundry items. If we find any preexisting damage or have a concern about the colorfastness, or the age or weakness of the fabric, we may process it at our discretion on a best efforts basis. Or, we may return the item without cleaning it. In addition, items which are purposely torn, distressed, or damaged by the manufacturer (e.g. jeans, denim garments, etc.), can not be included in any damage claim.


While we will do our utmost to keep your things safe, Shine Laundry is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal or non-cleanable item(s) left in clothing, washable items, or pickup or delivery bags such as money, jewelry, or other items. Shine Laundry is also not responsible when such items (and including ink pens, markers, pencils, crayons, lip balm, etc.) result in damage to items during our processing. While we try to detect and remove these items before processing, you agree not to leave such items in your laundry or delivery bags.


Missing or damaged items must be reported to us within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery of the item(s).


Financial Disclaimer


Shine Laundry liability shall be limited to general money damages in a maximum amount not to exceed one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per order ($200 per calendar year). This liability shall be the extent of Shine Laundry’s liability regardless of the form in which any legal or equitable action may be brought and the foregoing shall constitute the customer's exclusive remedy. In no event will Shine Laundry be held liable or be responsible for any consequential, special, indirect, incidental or punitive loss or damages, whether or not Shine Laundry should have known of the likelihood of any such loss or damages. Shine Laundry disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the services rendered to the customer.


Venue and Choice of Law


Any suit involving any dispute arising between Shine Laundry and the customer may only be brought in the Hampshire County Massachusetts court or United States Federal Court having jurisdiction over the subject matter of the dispute or matter and that is in, or the shortest distance from, Amherst, MA. These terms of service and the relationship between the parties shall be interpreted, construed, and governed according to the internal laws of the State of Massachusetts, without reference to its choice of law rules.