Covid-19 Drop-off Protocols: We are no longer leaving drop-off laundry for 24 hours before processing but feel free to leave your cleaned laundry in the pick-up cubby for 24 hours prior to picking up. If you are sick, we prefer you not drop off. If you have to, please do not drop off in the bin; call us and we will make different arrangements for your drop off


Drop off your laundry in our 24-hour blue bin (in a bag with your phone number

clearly  marked please!)* There are labels and plastic bags to the right of the bin. Make sure to text us that you've dropped off:  (413) 800-4468.


We charge $1.50/lb with no added pick up or drop-off fees. It's a 10 lb minimum. After we get your laundry from the bin, we text you the weight, price and .url for easy online payment. If you have less than 15 lbs and want us to separate whites and colors, we charge a $1.50 flat fee. After you've paid, we'll wash, dry and fold your laundry beautifully so it's ready for the drawer!  



We will get your laundry done within 36 hours and mostly sooner. If you drop it off by 5pm it will usually be ready for pick-up by the following afternoon. If you need it sooner, we can usually make that happen. Once it's done, we’ll text you the code to open the pick-up station door, along with your cubby combination for self-serve pick-up.


If you want a semester/year subscription, contact us at 413-800-4468. 

 *We communicate through texting and need your number where you receive texts. If you can’t receive texts, tell us and we’ll call instead.