We provide drop-off Wash/Dry/Fold service (pay-per-load).  We also provide academic calendar plans (a 10% discount for advance payment).


How It Works

Drop your laundry in our 24-hour blue bin. Make sure it is labeled with your name and contact number (we'll give you a Shine bag and customized label after your first load).  We will weigh it and send you a text with a .url to pay.  With rare exceptions, your laundry will be cleaned and beautifully folded within 30 hours of payment - mostly within less. We will text you the combination code of the 24-hour pick-up laundry room with your locker combination code. We ask you to pick up your laundry within 1-2 days of completion.


P.S. #1: Are you a night owl who would pick up your laundry in the middle of the night? Tell us and we'll text you when it's done no matter what time. Otherwise, we won't text after 9:30pm or before 8:30am. 

P.S. #2: if you are a regular customer and want to have us to automatically bill you (so you don't have to keep inputting your info) we will need to either get the number over the phone or physically run your card one time to get it in the system. Contact us if that's something you want to arrange. 

Pay-Per-Load Service

Price: $1.50/lb with a 10 pound minimum.

No drop-off or pick-up fees! 


We will send you a text with the total cost and a link to pay. 

UMass Semester Plan (10% discount):  
Fall 2021 TBD 
UMass Semester Plan (10% discount): Spring

Spring Semester, 2021 has 15 weeks.


20 lbs/Week - the most popular plan for college students 

$405 semester ($27/week) 

30 lbs/Week - the mega-plan. Good for student athletes with extra work-out clothes. $608 ($40.5/week) 

UMass Full Year Plan (10% discount)

TBD for 2021/2022